• Certifications

    Fannie Mae SAM Repair Contractor (Federal Government)

    MBE Certification (Federal, State and Local Government)

    EPA-HUD Lead Safety Certification (Federal, State Government)

    New Jersey Home Improvement Contractor 13VH01157400

    New Jersey Builder 038198

    General Liability & Workers Compensation Insurance

  • We Build Great Buildings

    Dillard Properties, LLC was founded in 1996 by Antony Dillard with the goal of providing professional, reliable and easy-to-understand construction services for residential, commercial and industrial consumers.

  • Our team is very friendly

    DP's management team has well over 40 years of project management experience and our key mechanical, electrical, and structural partners are seasoned and licensed within numerous states and agencies.

General Management

Extensive experience in Construction Management generates or produces project results that are "on time and within budget".

Successful Construction Management requires attention to details, wherein, project goals are developed and achieved. To that end, bids may be developed and evaluated, drawings and submittals are reviewed for compliance, and construction budgets and schedules are realistically prepared and monitored. Physical construction support includes site visits by construction professionals to provide quality assurance throughout the construction process.

Facilities and Property Management

Dillard Properties, LLC provides property maintenance and project management solutions for its commercial customers. Key long term partnerships with licensed contractors along with ongoing subcontractor development activities, make contract fulfillment and purchase order processing effective and nearly seamless.

Strategic Partnering Contractors

Our success as Contractor, Builder, or Property/ Facilities Manager has been due to the direct relationship and support of strategic partnering contractors. It is our goal to utilize the best qualified subcontractors and suppliers that share our commitment to quality and craftsmanship. In the past, we have identified activities in which local contractors and or businesses have contributed to the completion of select DP projects. These entities are identified and solicited as part of completing bidding and or procurement goals or objectives.