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TAMKO Building Products, Inc. Tamko Building products for contractoris the nation's leading independent manufacturer of residential and commercial roofing products, waterproofing, composite decking and railing systems, and cements and coatings.

The HERITAGE Series is TAMKO's premier line of laminated asphalt shingles. Striking color palettes and superior performance under the elements have established the brand as the preferred choice among both contractors and homeowners. The many available styles and cuts of Heritage products assure the right look for your roof.

ATLAS Metal Shingle Roofing Products ATLAS offers four different standing seam products; a snap on system, a mechanically field seamed system, a system with an integral lock and seam, and a positive-locking, one-piece standing seam system. Five metal shingle products are available: Bermuda style shake facsimile, wood style shake facsimile, a simulated dimensional shingle, a diamond shaped shingle and a standing seam shingles. Two batten seam products are available; a snap on system and a system with an integral batten and seam.

HENRY products are for contractors. Henry products and systems manage the flow of water, air and vapor through the building envelope, from foundation to roof, improving the structure's energy efficiency, sustainability and livability for the benefit of the owner, occupant and the environment.

Composite Shingles

LAMARITE composite shingles offer the natural beauty of slate or shake with a whole new level of performance. Made from innovative materials that are robust and enduring, the shingles are listed for UL Class A fire resistance and UL Standard 2218, Class 4 impact resistance. They're backed with a 50-year limited warranty.

METALWORKS Steel Shingles create the classic beauty of slate, wood, and tile with the contemporary protection of metal. The shingles are designed with a four-way locking system that stays weather tight on the roof and are offered with a 50-year limited warranty for added peace of mind. MetalWorks is also available in a variety of Cool Colors.

CERTAINTEED is a leading U.S. manufacturer of low slope and steep slope roofing products for commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential roofing cetainteed roofing productsand waterproofing applications. CertainTeed has served the roofing industry for more than 100 years, establishing a solid reputation for quality, reliability, and technical innovation.

Our Roofing Products

Here are some of our Roofing and Siding products:

These are some of our Roofing and Siding Products, that we are very proud to work with.