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New Business Unit

Over the past two years, Dillard Properties has been utilizing its own equipment and labor to remove its construction debris and perform its own demolition for its contracted construction activities. With the recent certifications with several local, state and federal agencies, Dillard Properties has been requested to officially expand its qualification codes and insurance to facilitate these activities or solicitations under the category of trash outs and/ or cleanouts. With that in mind, DP has increased its fleet, equipment and its labor force to accommodate these additional requests and/ or solicitations.

Further, REO Asset Managers, Commercial Real Estate Property Managers, and even Real Estate Brokers have been soliciting DP directly for immediate/ or emergency Trash Out,/Clean Out service. These contracts and requests have grown into an official Dillard Properties business entity called the Property / Real Estate Field Services Unit.

Property / Real Estate Field

We offer a range of building services:

  • Trash Outs/Cleanouts
  • Debris Removal
  • Basic Property Services

Facility Services

  1. Lock Changes
  2. Board Ups
  3. Window Glazing/ Re-glazing
  4. Winterization/De-Winterization
  5. Basic Landscape Services
  6. Life/Safety Repairs/Installations (Electrical/Plumbing/HVAC/Masonry/Carpentry)
  7. Pre-/Post Final Cleans


  1. Occupancy (Commercial/Residential)
  2. Business Insurance/Merchant
  3. Project Feasibility
  4. Construction Draw